What Are Corporate Videos?

Businesses create corporate videos for commercial purposes as well as for successful internal / external communication. Corporate videos are often used to train employees, present key information to stakeholders, and market products or services, and corporate video production is the process of creating these videos. Whether content is created for an internal or external audience, the core process is always defined by three steps: pre-production, production and post-production.

What Are the Different Types of Corporate Videos?

The main types of corporate videos are:

  • Promotional videos – used to highlight products and services, initiatives and events.
  • Internal communications videos – used to relay information to employees within an organisation.
  • Training videos – used to train new or existing employees.
  • Event videos – used to deliver information to audiences at corporate events.
  • Corporate social responsibility videos – used to communicate information about social initiatives a business supports.

Here is an example of a promotional corporate video created by one of our clients:



We Provide the Most Innovative Corporate Video Production Sydney (and the World) Has to Offer

At Shootsta, we provide a unique service offering that enables businesses from all industries to produce their own in-house corporate videos. First of all, we provide you with our purpose-built Shootsta Kit, which includes a DSLR camera, tripod, light, mics and an iPad teleprompter. Then, we train you to create professional, inspiring brand videos. You shoot the content, then you upload it to our cloud-based Shootsta Hub, where we handle all the editing and post-production – in just 24-48 hours. Our subscription plans are global, so whether you are based in Sydney or Timbuktu, we can help.   Our subscription model empowers businesses to create high-quality video content that takes their marketing, branding and communications to the next level. But don’t just take our word for it:

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