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video click-to-play rate
response rate = 4x higher than cold calling
conversion rate = 6x higher than cold calling
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  • Cut through digital fatigue Your buyers are flooded with messages, standing out isn’t an option, it’s necessary. Learn how to use video to engaged prospects and shorten the sales cycle.

  • Increased response rates from 15% to 70% What could your team do with a response rate 4.5x higher than it is now?

  • Implemented and adopted within 90 days Discover how fast you can make the change and start moving the needle for your sales team!

Discover how one of Shootsta’s customers, a leading Fortune 500 business, managed to rocket their engagement, meeting bookings, and closing rates with one simple change in their outreach strategy.

Everyone shifted to digital selling when the pandemic hit, and it worked for a while. The problem is that buyers were soon inundated with cold calls, spammy emails, and LinkedIn messages that simply stopped moving the needle. Our client, always at the forefront of selling, needed a new way to break through the noise and get their business growth back on track.

Learn more about how an easy-to-adopt shift in strategy led to a change in thinking and a 24% conversion rate in only 90 days!

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“Elevate is incredibly powerful. Our speed to lead has accelerated four fold.”

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