Why Shootsta is the perfect partner for your in-house video team

December 20, 2019
If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably wondering how Shootsta partners with in-house video teams. “Wait, doesn’t your company teach people how to create videos? Why would you collaborate with in-house teams?” We’re glad you asked… A common misconception we sometimes hear at Shootsta, is that we’re aiming to replace in-house video production teams (if you have one). This simply isn’t true! Why? Firstly, from a business perspective, because it makes no sense to offload employees for an external partner. That’s not what we’re about – we invest in our people, and we work best with brands who value the same. Secondly, because your video specialists are the ones who help us, help you go ‘video-first’ and make video a success within your organisation; they’re the folks who love video, and want everybody else to love it too. #videogeeksunite There’s a bunch more reasons, so we’ve outlined the top 3 biggest ones below – read on to learn why Shootsta is the perfect partner for your in-house video team.  

We solve post-production bottlenecks

So, you’ve got an in-house video production team. And they’re fantastic, and your organisation values what they do. Awesome! You’re already on your way with video, and believe it or not, that’s actually what we like to hear. Because at Shootsta, we’re champions for video’s transformational powers – and at the end of the day, it’s our mission to help create a world where video isn’t just a tool for bazillion-dollar brands; it’s accessible to everyone, and everyone can learn to create great video content. That said… We work with a lot of companies (250+). And a pain point we’re increasingly hearing goes a little something like this: “Oh, we’ve got a top in-house video team. They’re just so busy… Say we have an event. They shoot our footage, and everything seems like it’s gone brilliantly – and then we don’t hear from them again for six weeks. Which is hard when we need to be so agile.” Sound familiar? This is where Shootsta can help. Now, it could be that your in-house team struggles with the appetite for video in your business, whether that means staff, equipment or studio availability. It could be that they get bogged down by a sometimes tricky editing process, and that post-production feels arduous (when what really fuels their passion is shooting content, as and when the business requires it). It could even be that your team just needs more headcount. Whatever the reason, Shootsta has a solution for you. For example, one of the ways we help content companies scale video volume is with outsourced post-production. Clients like Airbnb, PwC and Oracle leverage our encrypted, cloud-based video management system to upload their footage and brief our professional in-house editors – who get those videos back to them in just 24 hours. Which probably sounds impossible… And yet we do it every single day.

Not in marketing or sales? We’ve got your back

The sad reality for many companies: if you need a video and you’re not in marketing or sales, you’re out of luck (#truthbomb). Budget struggles are real, and video for internal communications (IC), learning and development (L&D), or human resources (HR) often gets de-prioritised for the money-makers of the business. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Shootsta has been working with IC, L&D and HR teams since its inception to equip departments with everything they need to provide robust business cases, from demonstrating video cost-effectiveness to socialising video cross-functionally in order to pool budgets. Because we know – it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, video is the best way to scale internal messages, engage employees, and drive behavioural change. And every department deserves that kind of communication effectiveness.

We free up teams for strategy and creativity

At Shootsta, we love Google. Like, a lot. Specifically, their video content creation strategy – which if you’re not familiar, revolves around three content tiers: ‘hero’, ‘hub’, and ‘help’ videos. ‘Hero’ videos are your epic, expensive campaigns like Super Bowl ads that ‘push’ mass-market messages. ‘Hub’ content is your regularly scheduled, episodic programming; think video podcasts, for example. And ‘help’ videos are the ‘pull’ content that operates on inbound marketing principles – searchable with keywords, like how-tos, tutorials and anything always-on. Because we do partner with in-house teams, a key challenge we hear from in-house video specialists (particularly one- or two-person crews), is this: they love their jobs. But they got into video for the fun, creative stuff, and they’re at their best when they’re, for example, working with their brand’s agency on strategy and ideation – and then directing those executions… And not necessarily shooting and / or editing modest pieces to camera, interviews etc; essentially, ‘hub’ and ‘help’ content. Again, this is where we can really add value. By teaching non-video teams how to shoot and upload content for Shootsta to edit, we free up video specialists, who can then direct their energy back to their business and content priorities… As opposed to forcibly ploughing their way through every single organisational project request. Which results in higher employee motivation, professional development opportunities through upskilling, and increased communication effectiveness – all by leveraging video more productively. It’s also at the crux of Shootsta’s unique video model, which revolves around ‘hub’ and ‘help’ content; videos lower in production value than your typical Netflix special (and one of the reasons we can do video cost-effectively, without sacrificing quality). We provide in-depth training for our Shootsta Kit and Shootsta Hub, so the departments requesting these videos can learn exactly how to film them, as well as rely on us to handle all the post-production. An added bonus? Easing that inter-departmental tension when video priorities collide (you’re welcome!). So – we hope we’ve busted some (more) video myths today in explaining why Shootsta is the perfect partner for your in-house video team. Because ultimately, we just want to help you create amazing videos! Got a follow-up question? Jump on the form below to get in touch. We’re always keen to talk video!

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