Video marketing — Statistics you need to know for 2022

February 3, 2022
Video marketing — Statistics
Video marketing has emerged as a great way to get eyes on your product and brand. Whether you’re utilizing it for stakeholder communications or for driving external sales, it’s a powerful tool for engagement and providing a sense of immediacy.  But many businesses aren’t using it as effectively as they could. Video is a great way to break through traditional gatekeepers and get the eyes you want on your brand. Whether you’re using a product demonstration as part of a sales pipeline, using marketing hype reel videos on social media or taking a totally different approach, videos should be part of your marketing plan for 2022.  But when you’re formulating your marketing plan, it’s critical to have the right information at hand, rather than simply going with your gut. With data at hand, you can build a strategy that outlines exactly why you should be including video content in your marketing plan, both for your team and outside stakeholders. Being able to clearly demonstrate the importance of video is critical to internal and external parties alike — so with this in mind, let’s dig into some of the key video marketing statistics for 2022.   
  • The average business publishes 18 videos each month, whether on social media or a dedicated video hosting site. Now that potentially means a lot of competition from your competitors – but it’s important to remember that not all video content is created equal. If you can do what they do better or offer a viable alternative, viewers will love it. 
  • Hubspot reports that video is the second-most used content type for increasing audience engagement on social media. When you consider the scope of social media behemoths like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, that gives you an idea of the potential audience you could be missing by not utilizing video. If you’re not already onboard, now’s the time to start!  
  • There’s a huge desire for video-based content. During 2019-2020, there was an 800% increase in the overall global watch-time of ad-supported video and purchased feature-length movies. Some of this can probably be attributed to factors such as the pandemic that hit in early 2020, but it’s also about consumer education. YouTube, social media and streaming services aren’t novelties anymore — they’re integrated parts of people’s everyday lives. 
  • Audience attention spans have been growing overall — there’s a desire for longer-form video content. Hubspot also reported that in 2019, the average length of the top trending videos of the year was 9.5x longer than in 2010.  Pre-produced webinars have proven particularly popular; it’s a great way to be able to control the professional quality of the video, ensuring that its messaging and timing are reflective of your company and wider branding initiatives. 
  • That said, you still need to be able to hook people pretty quickly. There’s plenty of other content out there for them to scroll onto. With an average of just 2.7 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention, you need to have professional-looking content that hooks viewers and offers something of substance. 
  With this kind of information and  videos for marketing statistics, you’ll be able to create a case for incorporating professional, effective video content into your sales and marketing campaigns. There’s no question that it’s a valuable tool for reaching previously untapped customers, as well as deepening your connection with existing ones. 

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What should I consider in video marketing in 2022?

In 2022, personalization is likely to play a substantial role in Marketing & Sales strategies. Currently, around 38% of businesses aren’t using any personalization at all — that’s a massive gap in the market. Video email marketing statistics suggest that personalization is far more likely to increase your open rate, and accordingly the likelihood of your customer engagement. With tools like Elevate, you can add a personalized video to your email, and drastically boost the chances of grabbing your client’s attention. With the right tech at your fingertips, it’s an easy and effective way to enhance your chances of building a viable lead.  It’s also important to think about where prospective customers are seeing your content. Email, social media, on your website, on YouTube — though some videos will definitely be better for some channels than others, you don’t necessarily need to be limited to a specific outlet. Rather, you should be looking at video as a way to create . brand continuity across multiple arenas. 

What is the future of video marketing?

It seems unlikely that the underlying technology will drastically change. Internet speeds will increase and so will video resolution, but those are incremental considerations rather than outright revolutions. What is more likely to occur is the mode of delivery. Apps like TikTok have been virtual overnight sensations, exploding in popularity faster than many would have anticipated.

How much more effective is video marketing?

It really depends on the quality of the content and how you’re distributing it — but if you do it properly and also leverage tools like personalization, it can have a positive impact. It may not clinch a sale in isolation, but it can help keep you top of mind when it’s used in the right way.

Is video content becoming more popular?

All of the signs point to yes. This has partially been due to the easier accessibility of video content through providers like YouTube and better data plans, but the pandemic has also meant that people are more engaged with video content. That said, statistics for video marketing need to be viewed in appropriate context — people are still discerning viewers, and so it’s important to invest in quality content with the right partner. 

Is video content more important than ever?

Arguably, yes. As of 2021, YouTube had more than 2 billion users — almost a third of the world’s population. That’s a staggering number in its own right, but it doesn’t even factor in some of the other ways that people choose to engage with video content. Social media is the obvious example, with TikTok, a video-based social media platform, having more than 1 billion users in its own right.  Couple this with the increased demand for viewing content during the pandemic and it’s clear that there is opportunity for businesses to get themselves seen by whole new audiences. 

Should video marketing be a part of my business plans this year?

It absolutely should be. But you need to do it well. Otherwise you can’t reasonably expect to hook in viewers — they won’t be impressed and it can hurt your credibility. So why not work with the professionals? Tools like Elevate and Cast can be highly effective ways of enhancing your video content and ensuring that it’s perceived the way you want it to be, by the right audience. 

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