Types of sales videos to boost your business

October 8, 2020
If you’re in sales, then you know the drill — outbound communication can be tough. Cold calling has resulted in gatekeepers being the barrier to stakeholders, and prospecting emails are filtered by junk or spam folders, which is why B2B sales have shifted to channels like LinkedIn: accessibility. But it’s not enough to have a compelling product and pitch anymore; ‘content is king’, and in today’s attention economy, your medium really is your message. That’s why so many professionals are now leveraging the connective power of sales videos to reach their customers. And in this blog, we’ll show you how you can too. With that in mind, here are 6 of the best sales videos to boost your business (especially when face-to-face meetings are off the table).  

Sales outreach videos

Looking to evolve your sales process? Sales outreach videos are the answer. There are just so many options: general introductory videos you can record and scale; tailored videos, from overlaying text with individual names to custom videos for every prospect; even meeting or event invitations for high-priority leads. The possibilities are endless! As an example, outreach videos are just one reason why Shootsta’s Sales team is so high-performing — we use personalised videos to connect with prospects and follow up with connections for unique interactions (and it’s incredibly successful).

Product demo videos

Product demo videos are great for sales reps because they show prospects how your product works, step by step. Demo videos typically start by covering off the what, why and how of your solution, along with a short walkthrough e.g. demos for SaaS platforms include a high-level tour of the software, with commentary about features and benefits. These videos can be produced using simple screen-recordings, or even animated for a little extra polish.

Webinar videos

Webinars are everywhere these days, and for good reason. Once a staple for more engaged leads, webinar videos now succeed at every stage of the sales funnel; from new prospects at the start of their research phase, through to warm leads looking to answer those last niggling questions. They’re also an important way for sales teams to build trust, authority, and showcase expertise and thought leadership.
For example, salespeople can host bottom-of-the-funnel live or pre-recorded FAQ webinars for potential customers ahead of purchase.

Testimonial videos

Testimonial or case study videos are another handy tool for sales reps, featuring real-live customers that have gone out of their way to endorse a company’s product or service. This format is powerful (vs. text-based reviews) in no small part thanks to video’s capacity to engage with audiovisual stimuli, making testimonial videos a strong exercise in social proofing.

Upsell videos

Upsell videos are pretty self-explanatory: they’re videos focused on upselling to new or existing customers, based on their subsequent needs. Sometimes these are frequent add-ons, other times it may be a case of a company scaling up and needing a more complex (e.g. enterprise) solution. Either way, upsell videos help by letting customers know what it’s likely they’ll need next.

Thought leadership videos

Thought leadership content is a powerful way to leverage video, whether it’s you communicating as a sales rep, or sharing your CEO’s latest announcement. These videos usually inform about a topic or idea, and are a relatively simple way for companies to influence (without using ‘influencers’). The key is ensuring your talent has a well-argued opinion, and not just a factual take — your aim is to drive conversation.
Thought leadership videos are often pieces to camera, slide presentations, 1 or 2–person interviews, or even podcasts and webinars.
Bonus: 2 creative ways to use sales videos

1. Use videos on LinkedIn

If you’re a sales rep, especially in the B2B space, then you know all about LinkedIn. And you may have witnessed an interesting trend, especially over the last few years: while YouTube and Facebook have been championing video for a while now, a new player has entered the arena, and that player is LinkedIn. Videos on LinkedIn now include everything from C-level announcements to talent branding for recruitment to business live-streams — and video as a medium for sales is no less relevant. So if you’re not already using sales outreach videos to connect over messaging, or sharing your brand’s product demo videos or webinars with your audience, then maybe it’s time you tried LinkedIn personal branding with thought leadership content specific to your industry?

Use videos in your email signature

Forget your usual email sign-off — video signatures are the next big thing. Why? They’re more personal, more engaging, and they’re that final hook for people (like prospects) to click on, should they be interested in learning more about you, outside your LinkedIn or team website page. In these videos, you can introduce yourself, your background and experience, and what drives you e.g helping people solve business problems; the perfect lead-in to your company’s products and services. It’s these human touches that work to not only reveal your personality as a salesperson, but also enable you to build relationships by asking questions and encouraging people to get in touch.
If you’re just starting out with sales videos, don’t worry about creating all 6 video types at once. Start small, like with sales outreach videos, then once you’re comfortable creating regular content, give another video type a try that could work for your team. It’s like running a marathon — start small, then build up to the big thing.
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