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January 2, 2020
Question: are your company onboardings more boring than beneficial? What’s your average completion rate for ‘mandatory’ compliance trainings? Do your product and service materials make you – or your customers – want to yawn? Training video production – for adult learning that doesn’t feel like homework. Video can facilitate fun, immersive and rich learning experiences that go beyond traditional (read: snooze-worthy) training content. Want participants that actively engage with training programs – and not only learn effectively, but also retain that information? It’s time to start thinking video.

What is a training video?

Training videos are used to educate internal or external audiences, offering knowledge and practising skills to better their performance. Employee training videos cross multiple departments, such as human resources (HR) with new starter orientations, compliance and employment training videos for professional development – typically via a company’s learning management system, or LMS – and learning and development (L&D) for sales enablement e.g. frontline employees. External training examples include product information and demonstration videos as instructional tools, and are often owned by marketing and customer service teams. Training videos consist of a wide range of styles, from talent-focused pieces to camera – spliced with presentations or cutaways – or content like screen-recordings with voiceovers for digital product demos. You can even record live instructor-led trainings, for knowledge sharing post-event. The formats are endless, depending on the learning goals for your corporate training videos.  

Benefits of employee training videos

Training videos are the perfect way to deliver information that’s helpful, relevant and works to grow knowledge, no matter the audience or content. Here’s why corporate training videos are so effective:
  • Tailored learning: Multi-sensory video accommodates different learning styles, including visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and reading / writing, for a more personalised experience.
  • Flexible programs: Now more than ever, modern educators are responsible for “designing blended learning solutions” and “using digital tools to create flexible and innovative learning programmes” with on-demand, self-paced training that can be accessed anytime, anywhere – like on-the-go with videos (Source: CIPD).
  • Increased engagement: The age of text-based deliverables is over, and for organisations worldwide, corporate video is the preferred method of communication as email and PDFs prove uninspiring (and unmanageable).
  • Reduced cost: Case in point: Microsoft Academy’s video portal swapped in-person for video-based training, slashing costs from $320 per hour, per participant to $17 per person: “in Year 1 of the Academy portal implementation, cost avoidance was valued at roughly $5.8 million, and the projected ROI was 432%” (Source: Microsoft).
  • Video at scale: Microsoft also highlights one of the most important benefits of business videos – scaling your video content , to go further with less reliance on budgets for results.
In Year 1 of the Academy portal implementation, cost avoidance was valued at roughly $5.8 million, and the projected ROI was 432%
Source: Microsoft, Microsoft Academy

Training videos made by Shootsta clients

Using Shootsta’s all-in-one solution, our talented clients have made training videos to educate and influence, all the way through to driving behavioural change. Check out these videos for creative inspiration, and see for yourself!

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