The types of B2B promotional videos every leader should be using right now

June 10, 2022

Why video marketing is so powerful for promotion

Promotional videos sit at a crossroads between entertainment and information. Not only do they tell a compelling story about your company and its mission, but they also give audiences specific information about your goods and services. This is invaluable to the B2B buyer experience, as your aim is to sell to organizations with their own needs and preferences, via their decision-makers and key influencers.  Accordingly, video marketing is a powerful, all-encompassing way to engage a multifaceted audience.  These video marketing statistics tell an intriguing narrative:
  • A whopping 80% of people will purchase an app or software after watching a video.
  • Almost 75% of consumers will buy products after seeing how it works on YouTube. This has coincided with several companies revealing that promotional video material in emails increases click rate, conversion, sharing, and forwarding. 
  • 35% of marketers use LinkedIn as part of their video marketing strategy, with 75% reporting success.
Clearly, promos have the power to educate, inspire, and encourage customers to make an active decision about your brand — in more ways than one!

Types of video marketing with promos

Promotional videos take on many different formats, but they can be broadly broken down into four main varieties — explainers, testimonials, hype reels, and event videos.   Let’s explore these in greater detail.
  • Explainers are exactly what they sound like — videos that detail how a product, service, or business actually works. This brings attention to individual product lines in your business, and captures search intent for customers looking for specific tools or product features.
  • Recording your best customer experiences will be a boon for establishing trust. Embed this testimonial footage on your website, email newsletters, or social media channels for the best results. By including it in cold outreach emails or sharing it on LinkedIn, sales representatives can show customers how to succeed using your particular product or service. 
  • Product hype videos were one of the biggest video marketing trends of 2022. Not only are you putting your brand on a pedestal with each new product release, but you’re actively stoking the flames of excitement for loyal customers.
  • Live events or webinars make excellent lead magnets and learning development videos, and are extraordinarily effective for driving traffic to your website.
Note that some types of marketing video productions may be more or less effective, depending on your industry. For example, you’re not likely to see workplace instant messaging program companies like Slack publishing live events — but you might see them creating video testimonials or explainers.

Promotional video marketing examples

As you brainstorm some ideas for your next promotional video campaign, it may be helpful to investigate good examples of high-performing content in your vertical. Check out a few of these helpful video marketing ideas that promote different kinds of brands, products, and services.
This fun promo presents the problem of CRM management in a workplace and comedically reveals a team-based solution. It skillfully sells its services to businesses while ensuring that regular customers are also targeted. 
This short animated promo amassed millions of views by presenting and explaining its product in a lighthearted manner — showing off how its services can work within an organization for idea collation and generation. The comedic touch adds a sense of levity that warms the audience to the product.
Artfully presented, this customer testimonial helps to promote Freshbook’s brand while simultaneously bringing attention to particular products and features. It’s a masterful way of connecting an audience with authentic, real-life use cases.
By recording and polishing one of their free webinars, presentation platform Mentimeter was able to show off its product and explain some of its primary features all at the same time. This example promo is an ingenious blend of explainer and product hype verticals.

Create promotional video with Shootsta

At the end of the day, promotional videos have a huge part to play in a successful B2B sales strategy. These marketing videos for business need to be high quality, easily published, and very professional — which is why hundreds of the world’s top brands turn to Shootsta for help.  Specializing in stakeholder communications, promos, and post-production editing, Shootsta offers tools to help you scale your video production and meet any video need. 
Mike Pritchett Author: Mike Pritchett, Founder & CEO, Shootsta

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Discover how to use promotional videos…

What are the main types of promotional videos?

The four most important types of promotional videos for modern brands include explainer videos, testimonial videos, product hype reels, and event videos. When linked together and working in conjunction with one another, they create a powerful conduit of brand awareness and connection.

What should be in promotional videos?

The ultimate goal of a promotional video is to capture the essence of your company. Pay close attention to your brand voice and product features before leaning into the mission and vision of your business. Remember — audiences want authenticity above all else.

What is the most important quality of a good promotional video?

The best promotional videos shy away from sweeping claims and bargain-bin lingo and instead suggest meaningful concepts about a brand. Use your promos to highlight unique value propositions and focus on benefits that only your company can provide.

What types of video productions exist today?

There are quite literally hundreds of video production types that exist on the market, from how-to formats to live event recordings. The style or type you choose should be largely dependent on the video marketing campaign in question. Here at Shootsta, one of our specialties is helping you create personalized video content for your clients.

How many types of video marketing are there?

There are eight major types of video marketing formats used online: social media, advertisements, explainers, how-tos, tips and tricks, behind-the-scenes, sales outreach, and product hype reels. Each of these video structures should be thoughtfully integrated into the same campaign to support a holistic marketing flywheel.

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