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October 13, 2021
Video content is one of the most effective ways to engage with your internal staff, keep your brand in front of mind for current customers, and reach out to new customers. It’s easy to access — particularly in the era of smartphones — and easy to share via sources like social media, helping bring even more attention to your products.  Having the right video content can definitely unlock greater success for your brand. But not everyone is equally equipped to produce video content. Even if you have an in-house team, it can be difficult to manage the workflow and keep pace with all of the content that you need. Pre-planning can help solve the issue to a degree, but video in the contemporary landscape is also a reactive medium — you need to have the necessary video production solutions at hand to be able to create new content in the moment too.  While the default decision for many businesses looking for a video content production solution is to opt for agencies, this isn’t always ideal. Keeping them on retainer can be expensive, and they’re also not necessarily working to your preferred schedule or prioritising you in the way you might prefer. You want to have content ready to go as soon as possible, and a three-month production pipeline from an agency isn’t going to deliver that.  So what are the other alternatives available? If you want to effectively create video content but you don’t want to hire an agency, there are two primary options — bringing your videos in-house or working with a partner. 

Bringing your videos in-house

One of the most obvious solutions is to simply bring production in-house and expand your team. However, there are both pros and cons to this approach. If you opt to bring everything in-house, the obvious benefit is that you can exercise far greater control over the process. But it’s also contingent on you having a deep bench of talent across multiple skill sets and also being able to effectively manage time constraints. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages and disadvantages.    Pros
  • Greater creative control, rather than making concessions to outside agencies. 
  • Access to direct brand knowledge from employees. 
  • Cost savings from not needing to hire external contractors and agency retainers.
  • You know that you’re the priority job and won’t have to constantly chase external suppliers.
  • Additional investment in expensive corporate video production technology is required, both for hardware and software.
  • Smaller/rapid turnaround projects can still get sidelined or overlooked. 
  • There’s a potential for projects to feel DIY — but not in the marketing-ready, polished way that you might be hoping for. 
  The pros are obvious from an in-house perspective, but how can the cons be addressed? If money and finding talent are no object, that’s great! But we know that this is rarely the case when it comes to sourcing corporate video production technology and staff.  The good news is that this is a situation where a partner can be an effective video content production solution — providing a perfect balance between a total DIY option versus delegating everything to an agency. Even if you already have an established team in-house it can be cost-effective and efficient to bring in outside help to assist with the scale of work or rapid production.
Three options to achieve your video production needs: keep it in-house, outsource to an agency or extend your in-house team.

Working with a video production partner

Here at Shootsta, we don’t believe that you need agencies or expensive freelancers to get your best possible video content delivered from you to the public. Instead, we offer a partner subscription service, which acts as an effective addition to your internal team and assists your wider organisation in the process.  One of the main benefits of utilising Shootsta is that we can work closely with your internal production team. After all, who knows your brand better than your employees?  We’re not here to replace them. Rather, we’re here to empower your marketing department and work alongside professionals who are keen to both expand their output and skill set. With the right video production solutions, you can relieve strain on overloaded marketing departments.   In turn, this creates better outcomes for your company’s marketing on the timelines that you require it. Additionally, it helps you to create consistent branding across all of your content channels. 
Working with Shootsta: Illustration shows how extending your existing video production team with Shootsta would work.
Having a partner work alongside you also allows a better separation of tasks. The processes of ideation, filming, editing and post-production are all separate tasks that require distinct skill sets. Not everyone is an auteur — and accordingly, not everyone is equally equipped to tackle every part of the content production process.  It also removes the need to purchase expensive new equipment to cater for additional staff, as the subscription nature of working with a partner allows you to easily scale if you require regular content or are increasing your overall production.  Importantly, the overall quality of your projects can be improved. A good partner is able to show you how to pre-plan and film more effectively, helping your team develop skills that can be carried forward on future projects. Here at Shootsta, we want to be able to help you achieve all of your video content goals. 

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Learn more about supplementing your video production team.

What is the most cost-effective way to produce videos?

In an ideal world, we understand that you’d have all of the resources you need for video content production in-house. But it’s not always possible, whether due to a lack of time, skill or money. Accordingly, bringing in an outside partner can be an effective way to draw on their expertise without breaking the bank.
Working with a video production partner allows you to upskill your employees to plan and film on their own, provides you with the correct professional equipment and also allows you to scale your rate of video creation via outsourced video editors. In turn, this allows you to upgrade the overall level of quality around your video content — you can avoid the possibility that your content will look “too DIY” and also guarantee consistency as a result. With these factors in mind, working with a partner is arguably the most economical way of addressing the various challenges that prevent businesses from producing their best video content. It minimises expenses while still offering the benefits of the provider’s experience and high-quality equipment, while also enabling your staff to be actively trained and upskilled too.

How will using a video content production solution partner help my business with its videos?

One of the most common go-to solutions for videos is opting for an external agency. There’s no question that this can have certain benefits — they’re an ideal choice for high investment pieces of content that will have a long shelf life, like a television ad with a strong creative concept. However, they’re not necessarily the optimum choice for a company that’s looking to scale up its social media presence, require internal videos or are looking to produce short-form YouTube content. A traditional agency can take weeks or months to create a hero-type video from concept to final approval and execution. Trying to apply this process to create ten or so videos a month would be inordinately expensive, if not outright impossible. By contrast, a subscription-style video partner can be the perfect choice for smaller-scale projects or for quickly handling multiple projects in a short timeframe. There are multiple benefits to using a partner like Shootsta when you’re creating your content. First and foremost, they’re able to provide your internal team with in-depth insights into the most efficient ways to create your content — for example, conceptualising videos, pre-planning, storyboarding and making the most of your shooting days. You can also remove bottlenecks in the production process. We understand that internal video content teams have their own backlogs of content to produce or edit, and we can help alleviate that burden. Importantly, you can get your content back when you need it, rather than having to wait for weeks or months.

Why use Shootsta for this process?

Shootsta is the leader in the market for turnaround time and quality video. We’re committed to helping you and your business make better videos and offer better-quality content in the process. One of the key advantages we offer at Shootsta is that we offer a single platform that caters to all of your video creation. Any team within your business — whether that’s sales, marketing, internal comms, HR, training, L&D or anyone else — can use Shootsta across our suite of apps and services. It’s easy to get to grips with, even if you haven’t been involved in video production before. Our suite includes: 
  • Elevate – Create sales videos within minutes through our AI-powered platform.
  • Platform – A cloud-based program that enables easy brainstorming and collaboration online for video creation. Upload and share content easily in a central location.
  • Cast – Screen recording made easy.
  • Pro – Create quality video with our post-production services.
We also offer a variety of other marketing services that can assist you in creating more effective content for your business aims. As we work on a subscription basis, we’re always available when you need us. You won’t need to worry about waiting days or even weeks for us to get back in touch, the way that can sometimes occur with agencies. We’re here every step of the way with you. One of the first things we do when you work with us is to run a straightforward course in the best way to prepare for a shoot and then actually carry out the filming. This will showcase how you and your team can maximise their efficiency when creating video content, all the way from the initial concept through to the final product. In day-to-day terms, we can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you require for a given production. Depending on your preferences, we can offer a complete end-to-end service or simply step in when you require us for different aspects of video production. One of the most popular ways that we’re utilised is to handle editing and post-production, helping free up your team to move on to filming other projects. With a 24-hour editing turnaround, you can be sure that you’ll have your content ready on a tight timeline.

How can I create and produce videos easily myself?

Though it’s common to think of videos as being the domain of the marketing team, this isn’t always the case. Sales may need a video presentation for a crucial pitch. You may be part of an internal comms team that needs to create highly sensitive content for change management. Or, if you’re in HR, you might be looking for innovative ways to deliver learning and development content to your staff to help them upskill. These are quite distinct types of videos with different aims. But nonetheless, filming videos is a relatively easy process. Tools like smartphones and editing software have made the process substantially easier and less costly. Getting raw footage at a high quality has never been easier. However, it can still be worthwhile to bring in an outside partner for the post-production process. Conceptualising video content, then filming and editing the final product are quite distinct processes; someone who’s a dab hand with the iPhone is not necessarily going to be equally skilled at applying the finishing touches. Delegating post-production processes to a video partner like Shootsta ensures that all of your videos will look professional and can also help you clear through a backlog of existing content too.

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