Social Gen testimonial

I’m Jeff Yang, I’m the founder and Head of B2B Social Selling at SocialGen. My superpower is helping B2B organisations and their teams find and create meaningful and offline business relationships, using the reach and power of professional social media networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Our Shootsta Editor and Shootsta team are awesome. For me, I really love working with people who truly love what they do – and this is certainly the case with Shootsta.
I’m convinced that helping businesses leverage the power of video is their life mission. I’ve never met such a passionate, happy and helpful bunch of people. They even baked banana choc chip muffins for me for God’s sake.

The two things that stand out about the Shootsta model:
First – it’s control. Now when we need to create video content, we can shoot a video when we want, where we want and how we want – at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing it all.
Second – it’s the educational aspect. Shootsta actually teaches you how to use the professional camera and video equipment, along with giving you tips and training on how to create the perfect shot.

I feel video is now important for all businesses as clients and customers are demanding more information from us than ever before.

We use videos in a way that helps our clients create deeper engagement and connectivity with their ideal audiences on social media networks. Just think about how powerful a video of you is compared to a static profile picture. If a picture tells a thousand words, then a sixty second video tells millions.

The best advice I can give to anyone wanting to create a video for social selling is firstly to be real. Don’t try and be too slick or over-the-top, as people will connect and appreciate your authenticity.
Second – keep it short. When it comes to online, no one wants to see and hear you talking  for ten minutes straight. Keep your videos between sixty and ninety seconds, and if they’re longer than that, split them up into separate videos.

And lastly – share something that’s interesting to your audience. Don’t talk about the price of watermelons to a car enthusiast. If anything – share something interesting about yourself, what you’re passionate about, or a life-changing experience you’ve been through.