Stock Unlimited is coming next week!

Stock Unlimited is coming next week

Bring Your Projects to Life with unlimited High-Quality Videos

Enjoy unlimited use of our refreshed Shutterstock library — featuring beautiful, ready-to-use videos. This content collection is curated with a thoughtful creative review process, ensuring you have access to superior creative assets to build and enhance your projects.

4+ Million Videos for All Content Needs

The Shootsta Stock Unlimited library offers video categories across a wide range of industries and business needs (business and finance, education, food and drink, healthcare, holidays, landmarks, nature, people, sports and recreation, technology, and many more).

Diverse and Inclusive Visuals for All Audiences

Shutterstock’s global network of 2+ million contributors from 150+ countries showcases different perspectives and aesthetics from around the world, ensuring content resonates at global and local levels. With content from top Shutterstock contributors in our new library, this means that you can easily find:

  • Authentic visuals that reflect scenes from everyday life 
  • Visuals from specific regions relevant to their location and culture
  • Diverse and thoughtful representations of people

Worry-Free Licensing

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that every video from our creative library has been cleared for commercial use. With model and property releases on file, you can focus on picking the best asset for your project instead of worrying about compliance.


What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is the leading global platform for licensing high-quality 3D models, videos, music, photographs, vectors and illustrations. As the world’s largest content marketplace, all-in-one content editing platform, and studio production service, Shutterstock offers the most comprehensive selection of resources to bring storytelling to life. Learn more at

What is happening?

As of May 16 2023, all Shootsta Stock Unlimited customers now have unlimited access to 4+ million Shutterstock videos within the Shootsta platform. Our refreshed Shutterstock library features fresh video content from top Shutterstock contributors so you can fuel your projects with a high-quality selection of authentic videos. Shootsta Stock Unlimited is free to access for ALL Shootsta users until June 30 2023.

How much does it cost?

Shootsta Stock Unlimited is a flat yearly fee added to your contract. For subscriptions starting mid contract, you will be prorated the amount for the remainder of your contract. Keep in mind that a single stock asset from will cost you around US$95. See pricing below.

per month per year
$US 250 3000
$AUD or $SGD 270 3240
€EUR or £GBP 200 2400

Are there any added costs?

Once subscribed to Shootsta Stock Unlimited, there are no extra usage fees. All Stock Unlimited subscribed workspaces automatically have free and unlimited access to the Shutterstock creative library.

Who gets access?

Once subscribed, every user in your workspace will have access to Stock Unlimited.

My workspace is not subscribed to Stock Unlimited. How can I subscribe?

Access to Stock Unlimited needs to be enabled by the team at Shootsta. Reach out to us via Live Chat or contact your account manager to arrange access.

What if my workspace is not subscribed to Stock Unlimited?

Non-subscribed workspaces will not be able to add stock assets to projects. The previous ‘pay per asset’ way of adding stock clips to Shootsta projects is no longer available.

Why are the Shutterstock assets I see in the Shootsta platform different from those I see on

Our Shutterstock library is integrated directly into the Shootsta platform and has been specially curated with video assets for Shootsta users that allow for unlimited and free access and use. Additionally, all assets in our Shutterstock library have been cleared for commercial use and have proper model and property releases on file. This is why our library is different from the full library available on the Shutterstock website.

Are there any limitations?

Unlimited stock assets must be used within projects post-produced by Shootsta. This can only be achieved by adding assets to a project in the Shootsta Platform. The normal asset approval step will remain as part of this process.

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Is video content becoming more popular?

All of the signs point to yes. This has partially been due to the easier accessibility of video content through providers like YouTube and better data plans, but the pandemic has also meant that people are more engaged with video content. That said, statistics for video marketing need to be viewed in appropriate context — people are still discerning viewers, and so it’s important to invest in quality content with the right partner. 

Is video content more important than ever?

Arguably, yes. As of 2021, YouTube had more than 2 billion users — almost a third of the world’s population. That’s a staggering number in its own right, but it doesn’t even factor in some of the other ways that people choose to engage with video content. Social media is the obvious example, with TikTok, a video-based social media platform, having more than 1 billion users in its own right.  Couple this with the increased demand for viewing content during the pandemic and it’s clear that there is opportunity for businesses to get themselves seen by whole new audiences. 

My Cast trial ended. How can I get access to all features again?

We are thrilled to hear you enjoyed your free trial of Cast! To sign up for one of our paid plans to access all features, visit the Shootsta Cast page here and complete a form to speak with sales. You can also reach out via our Intercom support chat if you want to speak to someone sooner.

What are the 4 selling strategies?

The four selling strategies are video marketing, account-based selling, solution selling, and creating collaboration between the sales and marketing departments.

What are the main types of promotional videos?

The four most important types of promotional videos for modern brands include explainer videos, testimonial videos, product hype reels, and event videos. When linked together and working in conjunction with one another, they create a powerful conduit of brand awareness and connection.

What is the future of video marketing?

It seems unlikely that the underlying technology will drastically change. Internet speeds will increase and so will video resolution, but those are incremental considerations rather than outright revolutions. What is more likely to occur is the mode of delivery. Apps like TikTok have been virtual overnight sensations, exploding in popularity faster than many would have anticipated.

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You’re one step away from free video tips, tricks, product guides, & templates to kick start your video strategy.