Shootsta Announces New Digital Product For Webinars And Digital Events

By 25 March 2020 December 6th, 2020 No Comments

“In March 2020 we announced the roll-out of a new suite of products, beyond our standard corporate video offering, to help companies to communicate digitally.

“When COVID-19 first struck, I immediately called a number of our most susceptible clients to ask them how we could help,” Shootsta CEO Mike Pritchett [feature image left] said.

“It was apparent that while video will be a key form of communication over this period, companies are keen to ramp up their efforts on other forms for content to inform their customers and keep their brand front of mind.”

The new product suite including podcasts, animated explainer videos, voiceovers, and pre-produced webinars will be immediately available as part of our regular Shootsta subscription service.”