OPINION: Webinar fatigue: How can brands keep audiences interested?

By 22 October 2020 December 6th, 2020 No Comments

“The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to the use of virtual solutions, and among them are webinars. These days it’s no longer a surprise to receive anywhere from 10 to 20 webinar invitations every week as marketers consider them a relatively simple and low-cost tool for collecting data and generating leads. The result is a new phenomenon we’re all experiencing: ‘webinar fatigue’ is the phrase that has been coined to describe the overall feeling of disinterest towards the oversaturation of webinar offerings.

In this article, Christine Pang, Regional Marketing Manager Asia shared some insights on how to keep your audience engaged by:

+ using pre-produced webinars
+ using the best of both worlds: live and pre-produced segments for maximum engagement
+ planning and executing your webinar well”