Why LinkedIn video is a big deal for B2B Marketers

January 2, 2018
With big players like Facebook and YouTube dominating the video marketing playing field, how can LinkedIn Video even begin to compete? LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site has recently introduced native video on its app. Yes, that’s really late in the game, but guess what? It’s the only social networking site that gives marketers instant access to user-declared demographic information! These are not just any users, these are professionals and even big-time influencers in the business scene. What does this mean for marketers? Huge opportunities for brand messaging and advertising, of course!

LinkedIn video’s unique selling proposition (USP)

What differentiates social video publishing platforms from one another? Their audience. Marketers are using Facebook and YouTube to make a killing out of the four most common video types people watch. They also know that as long as the videos are funny and emotional, people from all walks of life would watch and share. But the audience is very different in LinkedIn. They tend to be more academic and business-like, and would perhaps have very little or no room for nonsense. The video content they’d likely patronize is along the avenue of executive fireside chats, CEO vlogs, event coverages, product demos, and the like.

So, what’s LinkedIn’s USP?

Aside from the fact that LinkedIn ranks the highest in digital trust? LinkedIn offers:
  • Highly-Engaged Targets – LinkedIn’s 530 million users are all actively engaging with content on the site and are unlikely looking for entertainment. Thirty-nine million of those and counting are either still in school or have recently graduated. What they’re looking for are connections, opportunities for career advancement, and learning. These numbers are expected to swell over time and should be an ocean full of talents for recruiters. Another gem of a demographic worth exploring is club millionaire: 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn! Now, what are they doing there and what are they watching and sharing…
  • Executive Context – Business executives still prefer text over video, but that’s perhaps due to the age of top decision-makers or the unavailability of business videos as of the moment. But the numbers indicate that it might not be the case tomorrow, as today:
    • 75% of executives watch work-related video on business websites weekly. — Forbes Insights
    • 59% of executives prefer video over text. — MWP
    • 54% of senior executives share and receive work-related videos with colleagues weekly — TubularInsights
So, as the younger generations (the millennials, Z, alpha, and even those ageless Cs) mature and move up the corporate ladder (ushering in the rise of the digital C-suite), video as a means to access and share information among decision-makers will only increase.
  • Data for Business Analytics – LinkedIn, of course, has business-minded metrics. It has the usual metrics on visitors and how well a content is doing in terms of reach and engagement. But one metric LinkedIn has that could really aid marketers in their communication (or which buyer’s persona to use) is the Followers section wherein the demographics are broken down into Seniority (e.g. senior, director, VP, manager, entry), Industry, Company Size, Function, and Employee. Linkedin also has the metrics, Content Marketing Score and Trending Content, to gauge a company’s content performance against the competitors.

In summary

LinkedIn video might be coming in a bit late in the game, but the delay could be worth the wait in light of its potential gains for marketers. Why is LinkedIn video a big deal?
  1. It’s already segmented for professionals and business people. Studies show that these segments watch and share business-related videos exclusively on business-related sites. What could be more business-like than LinkedIn?
  2. Video is catching up with text content as the decision-makers’ content of choice. And as the younger set comes up the corporate ladder, video consumption will just increase and may even eclipse the preference for texts.
  3. LinkedIn’s analytics is business-centric. It offers businesses relevant insights on their content’s performance within the platform, industry, and even against the competition.
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