Video Production

Hero, Hub, and Hygiene

How companies should categories their video content.
It’s nice when a company like Google comes out with recommendations that completely and utterly validates the premise that your company is built on. Funnily enough that’s what happened with us.
If you haven’t heard about Hero, Hub, and Hygiene let me cast a bit of light on the subject. After studying the trends and behaviours of their content producers and users, YouTube came out with their recommendations on how companies should be organising their video content strategy. They suggested companies divide their content into 3 categories, and you guessed it, they called them Hero, Hub, and Hygiene (which they have recently renamed to Help). You gotta love some catch alliteration. Let’s break it down;
This is your high-end content, the videos that you may produce a couple of times a year that are going to be blasted to the masses. They tend to be big budget pieces that are aimed at attracting attention and, fingers crossed, they may just go viral.
This is “Push” style content intended for your target market. It should be entertaining and engaging and focused on driving people to subscribe.
And lastly this is your “Pull” or “Always On” content. These are the videos on topics that your audience is searching for. Companies need to be producing this on a regular basis. Google recently renamed this section to Help because so much of the content in this space revolves around videos that add value or solve a problem for the end user. And this is the area where most companies struggle.
Mike our CEO recently addressed this at an industry event – you can check it out in the clip above.
It is usually a costly and time consuming exercise for large companies to create video content across all of these areas, especially if you need to be producing videos weekly, and sometimes daily.
More and more companies are beginning to understand the need to deliver across Hero, Hub, and Hygiene, and we’re doing our part to educate them on how they can frame their content strategy to take advantage of this.
There is a great case study that YouTube put out on Clean and Clear and how they reinvented their YouTube strategy to better market to their core demographic, teenage girls, and how that resulted in a double digit increase in market share. It’s definitely worth checking it out. Video Marketing Lessons From Clean & Clear