Easy end-of-year video ideas

December 9, 2020
Need some good video ideas to wrap up the year? Ideas you can easily produce in no time? DO NOT FRET. We’ve curated some achievable videos concepts that don’t require any bells and whistles (except than perhaps the ones by choice) and their production formula so you can replicate them in matter of hours! See below for 5 simple videos to delight your customers, prospects and team at the end of the year.

1. Personalised video card

Why not send a personalised video instead of a Christmas card? It might seem like a lot of work to make personalised videos but in fact they are very easy to scale because you can bulk produce them. Here at Shootsta, we shot around 40 of these personalised videos in under an hour! The secret? A personalised intro (and outro if you like) and a generic message in the middle. Check out how to create personalised sales videos within minutes thanks to our AI-powered app Elevate
Personalised video card
  • A list / script of each of your personalised intro and outros:

“Hi ______, it’s Olivia here from Shootsta. And from all of the team, Merry Christmas!”

         And a script of your generic message in the middle, you’ll only have to shoot once:

“Instead of sending you a cute card with some nice words on it, we wanted to put together a short video for you, to say Merry Christmas! We have loved working together with you this year and seeing all the amazing stories you’ve created through Shootsta. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. And don’t forget pick up your camera to capture all the holiday cheer!”

  • An autocue or teleprompter (like the one included in our Shootsta Kit) so you can read your message to camera and speed up your shoot time. No need to learn your lines by heart!
  • A quick shot of your team cheering. Get everyone together into the same space or for a more ‘COVID-19 safe’ approach: get everyone to record a cheer using their phone or their webcam and add all clips together (for example in a grid) in post-production.
  • Need some snow? Ask your editor to add it in post!

2. Holiday wishes from the team

Instead of personalised videos, you could just make one video with the team. At Richard Crookes Constructions for example, they shot a simple but fun video message for their clients and contractors.
Holiday wishes from the team
  • Get everyone in the team to record their own message or a piece of the same message. You can set up the camera in the office for people to pop in front of or get them to record their message from home using their mobile phone or a webcam.
  • Include some fun moments! Like for example bloopers or you could ask the team to be creative with their delivery. The options are endless!

3. Single shot holiday greeting

Strapped for time? Grab a simple, one-shot video of your product or team!
Single shot holiday greeting
  • Set up a shot that includes your product, your team and any other elements you want to include; like a christmas tree, and perhaps some christmas gifts.
  • Think of a punchy, short and simple message to add on screen
  • Ask your editor to add some music and any ‘bells and whistles’ you like in post
  • OR create it all in post-production and ask your editor an animation video!
Check out Shootsta’s Animation options

4. Year in review

Instead of sending a long overview email of what happened in the past year, create an attention grabbing recap video of the year’s highlights and successes using 2D text animation.
Easy end-of-year video ideas
  • A list of all the points you want to mention. Make sure they are short and to the point to fit the screen!
  • A list of supporting photos and videos. You can either use footage you already have, stock footage or even ask your editor to create an animation.

5. Thank you video

Nothing is more powerful than getting a genuine, heartfelt thank you from someone. Here is one our managers made for the Shootsta team.
Easy end-of-year video ideas
  • Have a good think about what and how you want to say.
  • When recording say it like you mean it and show some real emotion – whether you’re reading a script from a teleprompter or speaking off-the-cuff.

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