6 Styles Of Corporate Video Production For Social Media

February 1, 2023
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6 Styles Of Corporate Video Production For Social Media
It’s fair to say that social media has revolutionized marketing — and within social media, videos, in particular, have been a game changer. Choosing the right types of corporate videos, though, can be challenging. Your business needs to appeal to a specific demographic while also cementing your brand and conveying your message in order to convert customers.

Styles of corporate video production for social media should be chosen carefully and should reflect your unique enterprise. Here are six styles you may want to consider when trying to create the right impact on your audience. Be aware that these categories don’t exist in a vacuum; you may want to use some overlap to get the nuanced effect you need in the end.

1. Traditional

Educational videos often fall under the traditional umbrella, as they were some of the first social media videos to be produced. It makes sense; if you’re teaching someone something, you need to be somewhat straightforward and serious to impart that knowledge. Interviews, demos, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes videos are often traditional in nature.

The more buttoned up your audience, the more you want to skew towards a traditional social media video. Are you trying to appeal to bankers, real estate professionals, religious leaders, or university administrators? This is a good niche to start in.

2. Humorous

Judging by the number of funny pet and kid videos that make the rounds these days, humorous videos are always a crowd-pleaser. Therefore, this is also a good way to broach serious topics or get your audience’s attention for future more staid productions.

Your videos don’t have to be all funny, either. You can start with a joke or humorous scene before moving to more serious material. Or you can end with a laugh so people remember your message. Just be careful not to offend anyone in your viewership, and make sure the humor is evergreen enough to stand the test of time.

3. Trendy

We talk about youth-oriented videos below, which dovetail nicely with trendy videos, although they aren’t always the same. Trendy videos can encompass many types of productions based on current time, hot locations, in-demand subject matter, and perceived urgency — a major marketing tactic for faster sales. Some subcategories of trendy corporate videos include:

  • Featured products or product launches
  • Reveals and announcements
  • Breaking news
  • Live streaming
  • Special events
  • Sales, deals, and promos
  • Contests and giveaways
Trendy doesn’t necessarily mean young. Rather, it means the subject matter and production values are on trend with your target audience.

4. Inspirational

Videos that inspire and uplift are often a good choice for businesses to help people associate your brand with a positive message. There are different subtypes of inspirational videos, such as everyman tales that most people can relate to or subjects who achieve incredible things (hero stories). This is the perfect type of video in which to let your customers do the talking for you, and it’s more fun and subtle than a regular testimonial.

5. Epic

Inspirational videos can have a great deal of overlap with epic videos, especially with the aforementioned hero stories. Who uses epic videos in their marketing?

  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Sporting goods companies
  • Airline and travel industry businesses
  • Multinational companies involved in philanthropy
The key is to create a larger-than-life vibe with powerful storytelling and ultra-professional special effects. There’s plenty of room for all kinds of stories in epic videos so long as they go big, big, big.

6. Youth-oriented

If you’ve watched videos in the fashion, beauty, and fitness realm, chances are you’ve seen youth-oriented examples targeted at teens and twentysomethings. These trendy videos are types of corporate videos for social media that are designed to appeal most to the ephemeral whims of youth.

These videos often have soundtracks by the most popular musical artists or music designed to imitate them. You’ll see lots of new technology, special effects, avant-garde concepts, and the like. There is also a higher percentage of influencers and celebrities in this category.

Create the impact you want for your social media videos with Shootsta Pro

No matter which of these types of corporate videos for social media your business selects — and you may use various styles for different needs — you want to make sure your finished product is polished and achieves its desired impact with your audience. Shootsta Pro can help with this by giving you the ultimate post-production assistance in a cloud-based subscription format.

With Shootsta Pro, you decide how much control and involvement you want with our local professional video editors. You can also add our assistance with your shoot, and our integrations make collaborating super streamlined. Your company will appreciate the cost-effectiveness of Shootsta Pro, along with the high-quality end product you receive — in as little as 24 hours.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business and your video goals. Contact us any time with your questions, or reach out today to schedule a demo with your free consultation.

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