6 creative ways to use LinkedIn native video

February 13, 2018
It’s not that LinkedIn didn’t know that video is where the money is in digital advertising, they just wanted to take “a thoughtful approach” to native video to ensure that it adds value and that it fits seamlessly to their members’ posts. A very business-like approach! So, okay, now that LinkedIn native video is up, how to take advantage of it?
First, what are its features? What can it do?
  • Lets you record and upload video within the app.
  • Upload from the app and web.
  • Lets you shoot and record in horizontal and vertical formats.
  • Crops vertical videos to square in the feed, displays horizontal videos in full.
  • Auto plays silently.
  • Allows for three seconds to 10-minute long videos with five gigabytes maximum file size.
What can’t it do (yet)?
  • Can’t livestream.
  • Doesn’t have inbuilt subtitling or auto-captioning.
  • Doesn’t allow companies to post. It’s for members only (for now).

How to Use LinkedIn Native Video for Content Marketing

Since LinkedIn native video is new, it’s bound to change and improve. But for now, it has two main uses:
  • Talent recruitment and job hunting. HR can use it to announce job openings and aspirants can use it to enhance their profile.
  • Building your personal brand.
There are a lot of ways to take advantage of LinkedIn’s native video. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity, but here are six ideas for you to try out:
  1. Showcase Projects – Much “show and tell”, members can invite people into what they’re working on or what they worked on that was a rousing success. From freelancers to industry experts, LinkedIn native video is a great platform to showcase on-going special projects or feature successful ones.
  2. Behind-the-Scenes – As not everyone can attend nor get event invites, the second best thing to have is a video of what it’s like inside. This type of video might best be served live, but since that’s not yet on the table, several minutes of delay won’t hurt, as people would still love to know what’s happening behind the camera. Plus, if it’s a behind-the-scenes look at an animated film, for example, it needs scripting and editing.
  3. How-Tos and Demos – Here’s where LinkedIn can give How Stuff Works a run for its money. DIY is a big thing and since LinkedIn is a trusted professional platform, people will expect it to have professional content. LinkedIn foodies can take inspiration from these two productions: Tasty and Food Network Shorts.
  4. Short Interviews – Something as buttoned-down as LinkedIn needs video to humanise its users. A video of a company’s head honcho would do a lot for its image. Short interviews of employees being comfortable or busy in their environment would be something interesting to fellow professionals. Customer and partner testimonials won’t hurt, too!
  5. About – Much like an audition piece or video cover letter, users can upload a video of themselves talking about or showing how they stand out from the rest. They can even produce a movie-like piece to showcase not just their creativity, but as well as their enthusiasm to get the job.
  6. Updates – Just like Behind-the-Scenes, it’s probably best to give updates live, but to put things in its proper context, LinkedIn isn’t Snapchat or Periscope — where anything goes — but a platform for professionals and business people. Users can post news, contest updates, and even general announcements.
So, there you have it, six ideas to get you started on LinkedIn native videos.
Best Practices
  • Post high-quality videos.
  • Keep videos under 3 minutes.
  • Apply SEO and use hashtags.
  • Remember to always be professional! Prepare a script or storyboard if you must.

In summary

Professionals and business people finally have a social video platform of their own with Linked native video. Although just three months old, it’s already promising a lot of benefits for B2B marketers, as the platform offers a more accurate targeting and business-oriented metrics. If you’re wondering what sort of videos are LinkedIn worthy, here are some business-appropriate ideas:
  1. Use it to show-off your projects, especially if it’s innovative. People are always on the lookout for inspiration, so start recording and uploading.
  2. Invite people into your events or even your workspace. It’s one way of giving them the VIP treatment.
  3. “If you have it, flaunt it” as the old saying goes. If you’re very good at what you do, why not share your knowledge or expertise? People love free and quick lessons.
  4. There’s something very engaging about seemingly impromptu interviews. Even professionals and executives aren’t immune to their charm. So, interview CEOs, thought leaders, employees on their desks or the staff having their coffee break. You can also get your customers and partners’ testimonials.
  5. Let people know exactly what you’re made of with a killer About you video. If you’re going to produce a video anyway, why not make it as fun and engaging as possible?
  6. It may not be real-time updates just yet, but you can use LinkedIn native video to post news and announcements on a slightly delayed basis.
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