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One of the most common objections we hear to getting started with video is: “But we don’t have any ideas!” So we’ve taken the hard work out of brainstorming and come up with the ultimate video ideas list, complete with 50 videos for teams – no matter whether you’re marketing, internal communications, learning and development, human resources or sales. So you can get started with video today!

Marketing Videos

  1. Brand campaigns

    A brand campaign video is a big, bold hero statement that illustrates brand values, with audio and video crafted to communicate its message for maximum effect.

    Example: Apple’s ‘Perspective’ campaign:

  2. Product announcements and launches

    These videos may feature product or service announcements and launches (think iPhone and the like) – or even launching operations in an international market!

    For example, check out Shootsta’s UK launch video:

  3. Pre-recorded live CEO or C-suite presentations

    CEO speaking at an event? Get recording – the footage will be perfect for splicing everything from sound bites to gated long-form content.

  4. Business updates

    A business update video is useful on multiple fronts: as news for your community, and to highlight success via organic publicity (i.e. with social media interactions).

  5. Thought leadership videos

    Thought leadership is one of the most exciting growth spaces for business video, with 1-2 person interviews leading the charge for non-influencer branding.

    Here’s a pre-event video we created for BOC’s Internal Communications Conference:

  6. Event hype / sizzle reels

    There’s an art and science to event hype (or sizzle) reels, so they can be more time-consuming to execute, but also incredibly effective when done right. Thinking outside the box with your delivery can also reap rewards.

    Check out this video we created for MAD//Fest day 1 (and turned around in 24 hours), which served as day 2’s main stage kick-off:

  7. Case studies

    Video case studies leverage video’s ability to augment stories by using visual and audio stimuli, for a more connective experience than by using text.

    A recent example is our video case study with Clinique:

Internal Communications Videos

  1. CEO or C-suite update

    The CEO or C-suite update video is typically a piece to camera (PTC), covering off key points around business growth, as well as global and regional updates. For example, our CEO Mike Pritchett films an internal update every month to keep employees in the loop about how the company’s goals are tracking.

  2. Explainer videos

    Explainers aim to make things easy to understand, not only when simplifying complex ideas, but also for introducing new ones (e.g. change management initiatives).

    Watch Shootsta’s product explainer video below: recent example? The first video in our ‘Nerdin’ Out’ series from Asia:

  1. Company news

    Skip the boring ‘wall of text’ emails! The company news video is similar to a CEO update, but often with corporate communications or other internal teams presenting.

  2. ‘Town hall’ recordings

    Town hall meeting videos are great value-add internal content; there’ll always be someone who’s sick or travelling, so why not try recording these events? They can also be helpful for your friends in HR, should anyone voice issues in the Q&A.

  3. Quarterly updates

    These are usually presented by senior leadership and include information about financial growth, stock prices, investor funding and more.

  4. Employee spotlights

    Employee spotlights can be anything from new starter introduction videos to ‘employee of the month’ featurettes – even testimonials.

  5. ‘How-to’ videos

    How-to’s are step-by-step manuals for how to do something, and can be shot with talent performing actions, or by screencasting (i.e. screen-recording).

    Check out our video on how to understand your analytics:

  6. Video newsletters

    Video newsletters are pretty self-explanatory. Take your email – or print – newsletter, pop it in a video, and watch your engagement skyrocket.

  7. Video reports

    Same goes for video reports; data is notoriously boring (sorry, Finance folk!), so spicing it up with a video and data visualisation like tables and charts can really help.

  8. Internal UGC

    This is one we’re proud to champion! As a video-first organisation, all employees at Shootsta create one video a month on any topic they like, for either just internal or external public use e.g. on the company / their personal social accounts.
    A recent example? The first video in our ‘Nerdin’ Out’ series from Asia:

Learning & Development Videos

  1. Product and services training

    Whether it’s for new hires or new customers, these videos help people understand how to use your product and services, as well as how to troubleshoot, and where to go for help – in a way that makes learning sticky (versus old-school PDFs).

    In this video, new clients meet their Shootsta Kit:

  1. Learning management system (LMS) knowledge-base tutorials

    Being a medium that engages both visual and auditory senses, video is perfect for facilitating learning in a more accessible way. Try YouTube’s Creator Academy for examples of how to win at LMS content.

  2. Pre-recorded live training

    This is a great option for people who miss an in-person presentation, and can be augmented with your deck’s slides and video clips to keep things interesting.

    Here’s our live webinar recording on YouTube and Facebook video best practice:

  3. Technical training

    It might seem difficult for video to improve on face-to-face training, but it’s entirely possible – especially if training is software-based. HubSpot Academy’s free Marketing Software certification is a great example of how to leverage video this way.

  4. Sales enablement training

    If your business is a sales-led organisation, sales enablement will be critical to growth. Get the team aligned with diagnostic customer discovery how-to videos.

  5. Customer service training

    Like sales enablement (and other kinds of training), upskilling customer-centricity with role playing scenarios is made easier, faster and more scalable with video.

Human Resources Videos

  1. Company orientations and department onboardings

    Company orientation videos typically cover things like brand values, business policies and expectations of employees, while department onboardings are more focused and may look at a team’s priorities, tools and processes.

  2. Compliance training

    You’re likely already familiar with these videos, as they’re a common format for most company training nowadays e.g. occupational health and safety.

  3. Professional development training

    Similarly, career learning is easily scaled with development-based videos, like new manager coaching on soft skills – Harvard ManageMentor does this well.

  4. Corporate social responsibility videos

    Corporate social responsibility videos are a great way to socialise your programs with employees. Promoting diversity and inclusion? Say it with a video.

  5. Talent brand videos

    Not just for internal use, talent branding is crucial for sourcing prospective recruits – just visit any Fortune 500’s LinkedIn page and hit the ‘Life’ section for examples (LinkedIn’s is great).

  6. Recruitment videos

    Speaking of recruits, looking for key talent? A video may attract a higher calibre of candidate by communicating the role’s remit and responsibilities, within the context of your company and its culture.

    This is a Shootsta recruitment video from our Sales team:

  7. Workplace culture videos

    Another video for external use, the workplace culture video can help show your company’s human face, by calling attention to employees and perks.

Sales Videos

  1. Prospect outreach

    At Shootsta, the special sauce of our Sales team is how they use video to kick-start conversations. Because let’s face it, no one likes cold calls or emails – but a personalised video on LinkedIn? That’s a different story!

    Here’s a generalised example from us:

  2. Connection follow-ups

    A connection follow-up video after a meeting recaps prospect goals and challenges, and how your product / service will move them into solution territory.

  3. Event invites

    Whether on social for trade shows or in an email for lunch and learns, this video invites prospects (or clients) to join you for a value-add session.

  4. Product demo videos

    The product demo is a step-by-step walkthrough of your solution: what it is, what it does and how its key features will benefit your customers.

  5. Webinars e.g. product / sales FAQ

    A great bottom-of-the-sales-funnel tactic is a live or pre-recorded webinar to cover off any final questions before a prospect makes their buying decision.

Starting anything is always the hardest part – and we get it, video can seem daunting! But when you break it down, it’s really just about having a good idea, then planning and executing it well. We hope our video ideas have inspired you to start (or keep going! ?) on your video journey. And if you need help, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

Ready to put these video ideas into practice? Download the Shootsta Video Plan.

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