Video campaign metrics as with other marketing metrics are subjective, but businesses have to know which ones will give them what they need: actionable information.

After finally convincing your boss or the board that video is the way to go in content marketing, you went ahead and produced some awesome videos and then put them out there for people to see.

Your next challenge? How to measure their success or failure.

What does it mean when the pageviews registers a big number? That a lot of people have watched your videos, right?

Yes… or maybe? But so what?  

“Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Why Does My Revenue Fall?”

Video views tell you that people may have clicked on play, but it doesn’t really say if people have actually watched your video and have gotten your message across. It also doesn’t tell you who was watching.

So, although pageviews tell you that people have noticed you and it makes you feel good, it’s not going to help you improve your bottom line. Pageviews, together with the number of followers, registered users, and even downloads, are considered vanity metrics or unactionable metrics. Vanity metrics are numbers that don’t help you make your videos more effective and certainly won’t help you convince your boss that your video initiatives — nor you — are worthy of an extension.  

An app, for example, could have thousands of downloads, but the number of downloads doesn’t tell you how many active users you have.

The sobering reality is,” according to Kissmetrics, “Vanity metrics aren’t important to your business. What’s the point of measuring and improving metrics like pageviews when they don’t even impact your bottom line?”

Track-Worthy Video Campaign Metrics

Here are five video campaign metrics, analytics, you should be paying attention to in order to extract valuable information about your video content and its consumers:

1. Demographics

You need to know who are watching your videos. If you find out where traffic is coming from, the gender, age bracket, and which time of day people usually watch, you’ll have rich data to help you further segment your customers. Platforms, such as YouTube, usually have a demographics report feature.

2. Play Rate

It refers to the click percentage on the video in a page. It measures quality and relevance. A high play rate, usually above 50% especially on high volume traffic sites, tells you that people chose to watch your content. Here are some tips on how to boost your pay rate:

  • Feature a smiling human face on your thumbnail whenever relevant to the video. – Wistia
  • Use a custom player colour. – Wista
  • Limit video width from 401 to 600 pixels and position the video above the fold – Wistia

Image source Wordstream

3. Watch and Engagement Rate

This measures quality. After pressing play, are people staying to watch? Which parts are they watching and which are they skipping? Are they watching until the end and are also repeating? Facebook lets you find out!

Although there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy in increasing watch and engagement rate, here are some best practices to consider:

4. Social Shares

Is your video content share-worthy? Remember that social shares are equivalent to good word-of-mouth and recommendations. But what are the characteristics of share-worthy videos?

5. Conversion Rate

Video conversion rate is the percentage of viewers that complete your marketing strategy’s desired action. A high conversion rate means that your audience finds your offering valuable. How to increase your video conversion rate?

  • Know What’s Valuable to Your Audience — One way to convince viewers to give you their information is if they get something valuable in return. Product and instructional or how-to videos usually work.
  • Place a Lead Capture Form at the Beginning of the Video – According to Wistia, turnstiles inserted on the first 10 – 20% of the video registers 38 – 43% conversion rates.
  • Craft a Great Call-to-Action — Spend time experimenting on the single most powerful tool for conversion, the CTA. Wistia said image CTAs and mid-roll CTAs convert the best. 

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