5 types of video you can use to promote your brand

April 6, 2022

Building brand awareness is no small feat. From promoting new products to creating USPs, it can take up to seven impressions for people to remember or recognize your company. If your brand doesn’t find a way to stick in the minds of customers, the results could be costly. Failure to promote a business successfully is one of the top five reasons brands fail in the marketplace — which is a sobering thought.

But the use of video in your email marketing can help avoid all of this, bringing your sales and prospects closer together with the power of moving images. With more than 90% of marketers using some form of video strategy, digital promos are more important than ever to upcoming brands. Reach your leads more effectively, showcase your product, and ultimately cut through the noise of fierce competition.

Let’s take a closer look at five unique types of brand videos that could promote your company — even while you sleep.

The 5 main types of brand videos

If you’re not sure where to start with your video marketing, make sure to take a look at the options listed below. These video marketing examples can be adapted for businesses in just about any industry.

1. Stakeholder communication videos

Nearly a third of all stakeholder projects fail due to poor communication. Ergo, stakeholder communication videos are a straightforward way to encourage thru-lines without taking up too many internal resources. It’s easy to see their effectiveness in action — three in four stakeholders prefer video marketing over text marketing and respond better as a result.

2. Sales videos

More than 81% of marketers feel that sales videos have positively impacted their company’s revenue. When used correctly, this video format can continuously engage and re-engage leads using native information about your product and its features. To offer relevance to your audience, we recommend that your sales videos be as personalized and highly polished as possible.

3. Learning and development videos

It’s not enough that customers are aware of your business. Internal promotion strategies, including employee development, is paramount to meaningful promotions from the inside out. Learning and development videos create a connection between your workforce and your products, keeping employees up-to-date and nearly 100% engaged with your brand. Encourage a professional first impression and create more meaningful brand awareness with a focus on your employees and staff members.

4. Marketing videos

Generalized marketing videos cover a wide range of promo types, from social media campaigns to 30-second ads. Marketing videos should be made with a very specific audience in mind, and capture the essence of your brand in its tone, design, and format. Since more than 97% of marketers find that marketing videos enhance customer perceptions of brands and products, there’s no reason not to add them to your current promotional strategy.

5. Email videos

Personalized videos in email marketing are proven to have powerful effects on brand awareness. Recent studies show that subject lines with the word ‘video’ prominently featured have a 19% higher open rate than those without it. Additional studies conclude that email videos may:

  • Reduce unsubscriptions by 26%
  • Boost click rates by 65%
  • Lower opt-outs by 75%

Implementing email videos into currently existing workflows can be a relatively straightforward process. Two-minute videos can be embedded into email copy or hosted via management software, all with the intention of capturing leads with bite-sized information. Done correctly, email videos could be a powerhouse of change for your revenue goals.

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Discover more about how you can use video to promote your brand…

How can I promote a new brand?

Video marketing is one of the most efficient methods of promoting new companies and brands. Studies show that effective video use may grow revenue 50% faster than non-video promotion, and is 50 times more likely to get higher page rankings on Google. When used correctly, video can become a staple element of both B2B or B2C industries.

What are some of the types of promotional videos?

Promotional videos can generally be categorized according to their intended audience. This largely includes intro videos, social media videos, and product videos. Intro videos are used to promote your brand or company ideals. In contrast, social media videos promote products, sales, and your unique value proposition. Finally, product videos will help your brand sell more products or services. It’s important to keep the audience of your promo videos in mind during the post-production process.

What are the different types of video marketing?

There are three distinctive video marketing formats to keep in mind — acquisition, monetization, and activation. While acquisition focuses on acquiring brand awareness and customers, monetization videos are employed to sell or move product. Activation videos are typically used to engage or resell products to existing customers. We recommend using a blend of all three in your video promotion strategy.

How can I promote my product in a video?

Product promos are essential to any marketing arsenal. Showcase the efficacy or utility of your offerings by discussing use cases, showing off unique features, or demoing a product or service on camera. These same ideas apply to B2B or SaaS enterprises. To smooth the process, tools like Shootsta Cast allow businesses to create short and easily sharable video snippets that are adaptable to a wide variety of needs.

Is video effective for building brand awareness?

Video is considered to be one of the most effective methods of building brand awareness. Not only does it allow prospects to view company offerings in two minutes or less, but it provides a memorable insight into your brand, its values, and its offerings. The proper use of a promotional video has been shown to increase brand awareness by more than 54%. Even better, their social reach has more than ten times the spread of text-based content. We’d suggest following all best video practices to increase brand awareness through video, including shorter lengths, the use of subtitles, and high-quality video footage. Solutions like Shootsta Elevate help businesses add branded touches and professional edits at a glance.