5 tips on using personalised video in your sales process

November 18, 2021

Personalized sales video isn’t just a novelty — it’s a proven marketing tool that can help you break through to difficult-to-crack customers, while also helping build brand loyalty in the process. Today, we take a look at some of the key tips you need to be aware of when creating personalized video emails for salespeople, and answer some of your most common questions around its use. 

Tip 1: Build a connection

This is the “personalized” part of a personalized sales video. Not every sales video has to be totally unique, but it does need to relate to the customer at hand. Building from data and info gathered prior interactions can be extremely helpful for keeping content current. This isn’t just social niceties, either — using a personalized CTA can make your content perform up to 202% better.

We also recommend including the person’s name in the first 5 seconds of the video, plus include relevant cutaways and your prospect’s branding to really show them how interested you are in connecting with them. Shootsta Elevate’s AI-powered app does this automatically so you don’t need rely on traditional tools, like screen recording, which lacks the “personalization” part of the video.

Tip 2: Keep it short and snappy

Viewers are definitely watching a LOT of video content online — but that doesn’t necessarily mean that attention spans are getting longer! Ideally, it’s best to keep your video for 30 seconds to a minute. This will help maintain their interest and help pique their interest. Ideally, you want them to reach out to you after watching, after all.

Tip 3: Make it timely and relevant

As with every communication in sales, you should have a specific intent in mind prior to sending a personalized video. Spam will cause prospective customers to switch off quickly and can damage relationships with existing clients. 

But this isn’t to say that every communication must be explicitly to promote something, either — that can just be wearing for the recipient. Seasonal updates, important holidays, birthdays or other milestones can also provide you with a valid reason to get in touch and stay at the forefront of the customer’s mind. Check out our easy end of year videos guide for some inspiration. 

Tip 4: Keep it professional and prepare a script beforehand

Even though video is a fun medium, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should suddenly start approaching your videos as a viral challenge. Trying too hard to be funny in particular will be cringy and switch customers off. It’s also crucial to remember that you’re not just representing yourself; you’re representing your whole company. So keep it to the point while still being engaging. To ensure your end product is professional and your message is understood by the viewer, preparation is the key to success. Creating a script beforehand will enable you to deliver a succinct message in a confident manner.

Want to learn how to structure your script for your next video? Reach out to Shootsta’s team of Creative Video Experts.

Tip 5: Make it easier for yourself

Making entirely personalized videos for every client is an arduous process. But there are ways to streamline the process; apps like Elevate can enable you to totally streamline the process. By utilising a core video that’s generic to all viewers but then using features such as title cards or captions to personalize, you can create personalized videos in a fraction of the time. 

Looking to learn more about how you can leverage personalized video email marketing with Elevate? Get in touch with us today to learn more about pricing in the USA and Australia, and how we can help you get started on this next part of your online marketing journey. 

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Learn more about personalized sales videos…

What is a personalized video?

A personalized video is pretty much what it sounds like — it’s a video intended for a specific recipient and audience, whether that’s an individual, a team or a company. These are sometimes completely shot and edited end-to-end for each different client, but thanks to technology like Elevate, it’s become increasingly easy to customize specific parts of a video to cut down on the work involved.

Why use personalized videos?

Personalized videos enable you to create a more immediate and direct connection with a customer, while also establishing your credibility with them in the process. It’s a straightforward but effective technique; by referring to the client directly, you’re subconsciously building rapport with them in a way that can’t be achieved in a more generic format. 

How are businesses incorporating video in their sales?

There’s a variety of ways that personalized sales video is being incorporated into pitches, but one of the most common is simply including it in an email being sent to an existing or prospective customer. This provides a greater reason for the recipient to engage with the email, while also making it far easier for them to share with other people in the company or via social media. 

How do I make a personalized video for a sales pitch?

There are many different ways to use personalized sales videos in your pitching process. Product demos have become particularly popular, or it may essentially be a slide deck that you might have otherwise gone through in person with the prospective client. Others use it as a simple way to keep tabs on existing customers, and to ensure that they’re maintaining regular contact.  It’s also a way to help funnel sales back to you. A video may not seal the deal on its own, but it helps keep you at the forefront of the client’s mind, and more likely to pick up the phone and call you when they do. Video won’t turn you into a better salesperson overnight, but it can be a great way to get past some of the traditional gatekeepers that present themselves during the sales process.

What makes personalized video so valuable in sales?

Personal connection is integral to sales. It’s a cliche, but it’s true – we’re more likely to buy from people we like and feel we have a personal connection with. Personalized video isn’t a way to shortcut the process of building rapport with a prospective customer, but it is a way to help build on existing goodwill or to maintain it when you can’t always meet with the customer in person.

What is personalized video email marketing?

Personalized video email marketing is essentially just using personalized video in your company’s promotional emails. This can take a variety of different forms — sometimes, it will be an out-and-out sales pitch. On other occasions, it may be used to advertise a new service or product you’re offering or simply as a means to commemorate an important public event or holiday. It’s deliberately broad in its applications, and as it’s relatively new, we still see considerable innovations as the technology develops.