5 excellent strategies for successful sales outreach in 2022

February 3, 2022
Outreach sales engagement is one of the most important things you can do as a business. It helps keep a steady stream of customers coming through the door, while also allowing you to develop long-term strategies for building customer relationships. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways that you can conduct outreach for sales as we head into 2022. 

1. Define your value proposition

Before you send a single sales outreach email, you need to have a clear picture of your value proposition. One of the common mistakes inexperienced salespeople make is thinking of their products purely in terms of features, rather than the benefits they can provide to prospective customers. But if you have a good understanding of the real benefits, you won’t try and wow people with tech. Rather, you’ll be able to break down how customers can benefit in real-world, day-to-day terms.

2. Cold-calling

It’s old-fashioned and inelegant in a world where sales reps are keen to research a prospect to death before making contact. But cold-calling can still be a remarkably powerful tool. Some clients will respond well to this old-school approach — even if it doesn’t seal the deal in the moment, it’s a form of outreach sales engagement that can still build long-term relationships. 

3. Personalized videos

Sales and marketing videos are a great way to stand out from your competition — but what if you could also leverage personalization to add an extra touch of flair, too? Incorporating personalization into your outreach sales engagement can be a highly effective way to engage with customers and help them feel valued.  When you create tailored videos for your prospects, you should ensure that you’re following these steps:
  1. Name the recipient and their company in your intro and outro.
  2. Use cutaways to break up your message to keep engagement — helping ensure your prospect doesn’t switch off in the first 10 seconds!
  3. Use music. Just like cutaways, music can be a great way to sustain engagement and create a positive emotional response from the prospect.
  4. Include your company’s branding at the end of the video. 
Following these four steps will ensure that your video captures the attention of your prospect and secure that meeting. It also helps you to stand out in the sea of screen recorded videos that your competitors are probably using.  Worried that all of this sounds really difficult? Check out Elevate from Shootsta where you can create these types of videos automatically within 3 minutes — yep, that’s right, only 3 minutes. All you need to do is press film on your phone or laptop, and read your script!One of the great things about this technique is that it can be used beyond sales, too. It’s a great way to mark holidays, special occasions, birthdays, end-of-year events, or even share stakeholder communications.

4. Providing them with L&D 

One great way to connect with potential sales prospects is to offer them something for nothing — but it needs to be something that will tangibly benefit them. L&D videos can be a great way to do this. Although live sessions can be a great build urgency, it’s often better to provide clients with something that they can view at their own leisure. Some examples might include: 
  • Industry best-practice guidelines
  • Updates on new industry-relevant legislation 
  • Training videos for new software rollouts
  • Upskilling employees 
  • Management workshops

5. Product demo videos

One of the best ways to hook prospective customers is with a clear demonstration of what your product or service does. Whether that’s utilising screen recordings — particularly useful for software or creating a new video from scratch. You can also utilise a post-production service like Pro to enhance your promotional and demo videos — they’ll help put your products in the best possible light. It provides an easy, clear, and succinct method for engaging with customers.

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What does “outreach” mean in sales?

Broadly, outreach in sales is about reaching out to and connecting with prospective customers. These might be existing customers — who require outreach to ensure they stay as customers — or completely new sales prospects. Outreach is also used to “resuscitate” former customers and hopefully reacquire their business. 

What is a customer outreach strategy?

A sales outreach strategy is a long-term plan to engage with an existing or prospective customer over an extended period with the aim of getting them to purchase a new product or upsell them on an existing one. It’s strategic in its approach — as opposed to simply making cold calls to a list of leads — and can encompass a variety of techniques, including email, phone calls, video, and in-person meetings.

Why is outreach important in sales?

Outreach sales engagement is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it helps develop new prospects for your business. If you’re not bringing in new customers, you’re hurting the potential for the business to grow in the future. Customer churn is an inherent part of any business — no matter your size or public image — and it is critical to have new ones to replace them. Additionally, outreach in sales also helps maintain existing customer relationships. You may be offering a new product or service which your current customers can benefit from. By undertaking outreach, you can not only ensure that your client is happy with their current level of service from you but may also be able to upgrade.  Last, but not least, it’s a tool for connecting with prior customers and seeing if they want to be brought back into the fold. Sometimes a simple sales outreach email is all it takes to revive a relationship with a former customer.

How do you develop an outreach strategy?

It’s a multifaceted process. You need to know who your customer is, what they want and why they want it. Importantly, why should they use you over your competitors?  Then it’s a matter of considering the best ways to approach them over a set period of time. There will likely be some trial and error, along with testing and refining, in your process. Don’t feel like you need to go hell for leather with all of your clients and lead straight away — this can burn bridges if you get things wrong. Over time, though, you’ll see it evolve and become aware of better approaches and tactics to take. 

How can I personalize my outreach strategy?

A good way to start is by looking at what your successful colleagues do and how you can add your own twist to it. Personalized video, for example,  is an opportunity to showcase yourself. Now, you’re not the focal point, per se — but your winning personality may still be able to make or break a deal!   Some of the first steps will come when you realise that you don’t necessarily need to utilise a strict point A to B structure. Clients will sometimes surprise you and be ready to proceed virtually straight to purchase. Just keep in mind that it’s an evolving process, and will take time to develop. 

Does personalization work in an outreach strategy?

Absolutely. Personalization helps build a more personal connection with your clients and provides a better basis for building a working relationship. That said, you need to make sure you’re getting the fundamentals right — details like spelling names correctly and using people’s appropriate titles and pronouns are critical. Poor personalization is a turn-off, so double-check before you send off an email or video.

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