With more than 80 billion videos or 100 million hours of videos being watched on Facebook daily, and more than 50% of videos overall being watched on mobile, how can you take advantage and ensure that your videos get their share of views and engagements?

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that they’re going “video first”, it’s to complement their “mobile first” approach initiated in 2012, and signify that the social media giant company is making an aggressive play in the rapidly growing digital advertising industry now worth $72.5 billion.

What’s it to you? Simply put, mobile video on Facebook is where the money’s at, and that you should be optimizing your videos specifically for Facebook mobile.

Effective Facebook Mobile Video Strategy According to Data

Each to their own when it comes to Facebook mobile video strategy or any marketing strategy, but here are three characteristics found in successful Facebook mobile video strategies:

  1. Cleverly Quick – One of the reasons for mobile’s popularity is people’s impatience and need for speed. Facebook’s video autoplay feature, forces people to at least glance at the video. But approximately how much time do you need to deliver your pitch? Nielsen says three seconds to deliver 47% of the video’s value and 10 seconds to push 74% of the value in. As for recall, Facebook says it only takes people a quarter of a second to remember mobile feed content, so what do these figures tell you?
  • That you should climb up to your most creative self and somehow put the important elements of your video content inside three seconds.
  • Choose attractive thumbnails (Facebook videos only auto play when you hover over them) supported by attention-grabbing copy to bait viewers.
  • Insert your branding and messaging before the 10-second mark to hook them in.
  1.  Visually Engaging – A whopping 85% of Facebook videos or nine in 10 are viewed without sound. As to why, marketers can only speculate. Perhaps it has to do with element number one
    which is speed, silent videos are faster to consume, or maybe it has to do with rights or privacy. People want to be asked not forced into anything, plus auto playing sounds feel invasive.

Whatever the case may be, in the absence of guiding sounds, make sure to add captions or text overlays to increase watch time by 12%. Facebook now offers free automatic captions for brands. You can also try the Add Text to Videos and Vont free apps.

*Note that Facebook seems to be experimenting with sound on since February 2017 even though according to their own study, 80% of users hate autoplay sounds.

  1.  Squarely Framed – The study conducted by Buffer and Animoto (on which mobile  video format works best for viewers) revealed the 1:1 square ratio is the format of choice, over the 16:9  landscape format. The videos were measured in terms of the number of views, and engagement and completion rates. One of the possible reasons for the square format’s success is the vertical orientation of mobile devices, which occupies most of the viewer’s screen, 78% to be exact.

With so many distractions competing for the viewer’s attention, it helps to get the data backed-up basics down right. To summarize, for Facebook mobile videos to be watchable they must:

  • Be fast in getting the vital message across.
  • Have awesome thumbnail and texts.
  • Shoot in square format (1:1).

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