Shootsta Animations

High-quality, cost-effective animated explainer videos for your business.

Tell a story, explain or describe with animations

The use of animation in videos has fast become the most effective way to simplify complex messaging in a short amount of time. Animated Explainers are typically used by businesses to tell a story, explain a concept, or describe a process in a clear and succinct way to help viewers easily comprehend the intended message using animations.

With a Shootsta Pro subscription you can create multiple video types, including Animated Explainers. Check out our different animation options available below!

Marked up

This classic Whiteboard theme will get your story across with simple character designs and clear, concise storytelling.

Whiteboard explainers are a fun, engaging way to bring your message to life. They look impressive too – creating the illusion they are being hand drawn.

Chalk Talk

Going old school with this blackboard and chalk theme.

Chalk animations are both esthetic and educational. Replicating and resembling the boards we have all used for years, seeing the information unravel in front of your eyes helps boost information retention.

Paper cut

Not nearly as painful as the real thing, Paper Cut puts a fun twist on the classic sketch design.

This striking animation style has a charming appeal. The use of 2-D characters, props and scenes cut from paper help tell a compelling and visual story.

The demonstrator

Similar to a screencast, but animated to enhance your demo. Perfect for demonstrating your Website or App with animated typography to shout out your message. Animations are ideal for promoting or demonstrating to potential customers what they can do with your product or services. No need to travel or give live, in-person demonstration after demonstration.

The iconic

A kinetic, impactful way to communicate, Icon animations are simplistic in their design yet impactful with their movement.

A flat icon animation is a kinetic and impactful way to communicate. They are simplistic in their design yet impactful with their movement.



A character driven theme with a retro vibe.

Defined by flat colours and simplistic movement this theme is sure to grab attention.


Simple & Fun. These out of proportion characters have personality, emotion & narrative.

Illustration animations include basic movement of characters and icons. Perfect for when you want to convert a simple, targeted message into a visual story.


Simple animated typography to shout out your message. Use text only or overlay text with vision.
Add a professional Voice Over to really cut through!

This type of animation is great for when you need to report on numbers or if you want to impress your audience with stats. Use text-only or overlay text with vision. Add a professional voice over to really shout it out!