We’ve scoured the globe to find great people. We believe we’ve done just that. We are now one team in five countries, and that global vision started with our two founders below.

Mike Pritchett founder and ceo shootsta

Mike Pritchett

Founder & CEO

Mike has over 14 years experience in the video production industry. Starting his career behind the camera then moving into post-production, as a visual media communications expert he now specialises in directing and project management. Mike spent four and a half years of his career travelling across Asia producing promotional and corporate videos for an international media company. He is the co-founder of Australian charity Kenya Aid leading him to be a guest speaker for The United Nations Young Professional Conference. He has also been a lecturer at the Digital Marketing Institute, on the effectiveness of video marketing. Mike Founded Trapdoor Productions Pty Ltd in 2006 and built it up to include a suite of fortune 500 clients including Adobe, Nikon, Rio Tinto, Campbell Arnott’s, Schweppes and many more. Trapdoor were also finalists in two categories at the 2015 Business Excellence Forum.
Over the past decade, Mike has switched his focus from video production to business, completing the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course in 2012. His passion is now to build a thriving international company that meets a growing demand for corporate video.
Tim Moylan co founder and cto of shootsta

Tim Moylan

Co-founder & CTO

Tim’s technical knowledge comes from over 10 years experience as a system’s engineer working on integrations and infrastructure in cloud environments.
Starting out in IT support, Tim grew into project management delivering technical projects within scope and on time. This has helped build a portfolio of critical business platforms over the years.
His passion for web technologies has run along side his tech career which transitioned him into DevOps. He started a web design agency and works with UX designers and backend developers to build solutions on the web. The mix of tech knowledge and ability to build web solutions has seen some great projects delivered.
His focus now on business using tech aspects of Machine Learning and AI to assist the growth of businesses through innovation is seeing rapid development of applications that scale.


Barrie Brien

Bill Crichton

David Morrison

Nicki Kenyon


Sydney, New South Wales

Daniel Chiha

General Manager

Sandie Royle

Financial Controller

Talina Neal

Product Manager

Gary Mitchell

Sales Manager

Melissa De Coster

Client Services Manager

Zac Schroedl

Video Editor

Harvey Dixon

Sales Manager

Julian Ma

Senior UI/UX Designer

Justin Walker

Communications Coordinator

Luke Walker

Training & Development Specialist

Sonja Van Hummel

Account Manager

Zack Jay

Creative Content Advisor

Todd Logan

Video Editor

Alex Gurr

Lead Developer

Kieran Whitters

Account Manager

Adrian Szonyi

Account Manager

Andrew McInnes

Creative Content Strategist

Amy Walker

Video Editor

David Kirkwood

Video Editor

Phoebe Kahn

Marketing Executive

Jeremy Woodcock

Production Coordinator

Jared Carr

Account Manager

Mitchell Ryan

Production Manager, Operations

Gene Marsh

Senior Video Editor

Luke Jovanovich

Senior Video Editor

Solveig Houzvic

Video Editor

Tom Summers

Senior Video Editor

Claudia Sutiono

Senior Video Editor

Luke Chethem

Video Editor

Gabi Miles

Video Editor

Ross thomson

Software Developer

Hamish Stevens

Video Editor

Puneet Bhojwani

Senior Full Stack Developer

Joshua Laming

Business Development Representative

Maria Samsonov

Video Editor

Jai Laungani


Antoine Bouchacourt

VP Asia

Ben Draycott-Jones

Account Manager

Kim Kue

Post Production Assistant

Martin Liu

Business Development Manager

Jeremiah Oh

Video Producer & Trainer

Shivang Jhunjhnuwala

Business Development Representative

Gary Koay

Creative Content Strategist

Ray Chia

Senior Editor

Matt Greatorex

Business Development Manager

Victoria Garcia

Business Development Representative

Verine Lee

Executive Assistant

Azri Rahim

Video Editor

Sharain Mohd

Video Editor

Manlok Lam

Video Editor

Anthony Lee

Video Editor


San Diego, California

Chad Lakin

VP of North America

Collin Miller

Business Development Manager

Mark Kunzman

Business Development Manager

Bryce Betlem

Account Manager

Zach Tippit

Account Manager

Kelly Guenther

Video Specialist

David Andriate

Video Editor

Maren Parusel

Video Editor


London, England

Sebastian Deans

VP of UK & Europe

Jan Barthelemy

GM of Europe

Jack Everitt

Video Project Manager

Roz Baaijen

Account Manager

Morgan Scott

Business Development Manager

Mel Tanti

Video Editor

Jessica Piercy

Video Editor

Nick de la Force

Creative Services Manager