Simplifying video creation for everyone

Our Mission

To decentralise and democratise video creation

Our goal is to transform the way people communicate with video. We’ve built one platform so you can create quality content cost-effectively at scale with Shootsta’s suite of apps and services.

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Our Journey

  1. Challenging the status quo and finding a solution

    Founders Mike and Tim have a conversation about the state of video production – it was deep. They were dissatisfied at how expensive and slow video production had become for companies and they believed there was a better, faster and easier way for people to create video at scale (perfect for social media and networking sites that were starting to boom!). Their dream was to enable everyone to create video themselves cost effectively and quickly.

  2. The launch of a powerful idea

    The first concept of the Shootsta Platform and a suite of Services was designed after many coffees, scotches, and marshmallows – one of those isn’t true. Shootsta enters BETA and begins testing their solution with a handful of brands – will it work?

  3. Shootsta officially launches in Australia

    A team is hired and the first clients are onboarded – all to great success (and maybe a few bumps along the way)! We also launch our first prototype of the Shootsta Camera Kit to help our clients shoot their own professional content.

  4. Shootsta introduces a world first: 24 hour editing turnaround

    Shootsta secures its first round of investment from Adcorp and our client list grows to over 100. We also release a 24 hour turnaround time for post-production editing. This is the fastest in the market! The team expands to help support our growth. Growing a startup is always fun!

  5. Shootsta expands into Asia – first stop is Singapore

    Shootsta officially expands into Singapore, our first overseas market outside of Australia. We sign our first clients in the Asia region, including Hong Kong, and introduce them to our groundbreaking 24 hour edit turnaround and our much loved Camera Kit.

  6. Democratising video for the UK and USA

    Shootsta continues its expansion into the United Kingdom and the United States. New teams and offices are established in downtown Hong Kong, London and sunny San Diego to service clients in each region. We also release an upgraded version of our Shootsta Platform to allow our clients to brief directly to their Shootsta post-production editors.

  7. A global pandemic helps us to fully automate video creation

    With the global pandemic affecting how people communicate and digital fatigue becoming a bigger challenge for sales & marketing teams, Shootsta launches a suite of new apps to support them. Elevate is officially launched in BETA to select clients with positive results.

  8. Helping companies fight digital fatigue and a new way of communicating 

    Shootsta continues to expand its suite of app and services for clients in all regions. It officially launches Elevate, an AI powered app that automates the creation of personalised sales outreach videos and Cast, a screen recording tool perfect for all product demonstrations and training walkthroughs. With Shootsta’s suite of solutions, clients can create seamlessly and cost-effectively video for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Meet the Shootsta Team

We work with great people! The one thing we have in common? We’re passionate about video and want to simplify the video creation process for everyone.

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